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What Makes Us Unique

  • We combine our charitable donations to have a greater impact than what most of us can achieve alone.
  • We have an all-volunteer leadership team that governs and manages our growing organization with generous volunteers, a handful of contractors and no employees.
  • We strive to minimize our expenses to maximize the size of our annual grants pool.
  • We do our own rigorous research on the nonprofits we are considering for funding. 
  • We vote to decide where our collected funds will go every year.
  • We (virtually) visit our grantees to see our donations in action and follow up to ensure money is well spent.
  • We do not hold any fundraising events.
  • We only request that our members make an annual membership donation and vote. If you'd like to get more involved, we really value our volunteers!


You want to be part of the Women's Fund because...

IT'S POWERFUL.  Your donation, combined with others, will create larger grants and have a bigger impact on our local community than most of us can have on our own.

IT'S EDUCATIONAL.  You will learn about critical community needs and effective programs transforming innovative ideas into viable solutions.

IT'S EASY.  You don’t have to do anything more than donate and vote to make a difference. No fundraisers. No tickets to sell.

IT'S ENGAGING.  Celebrate and meet our grantees at both an annual event setting and a site visit format. If you want to get more involved, there are volunteer opportunities with the Women’s Fund and with the many nonprofits the Women’s Fund has supported.

IT'S EFFICIENT.  Expenses are minimized in order to maximize the impact of your tax-deductible* donation to grants we make in the community.  Hardworking volunteer leaders, generous underwriters and modest event fees help offset the expenses of our growing membership.

IT'S FUN!  You’ll meet interesting women committed to improving the lives of local women, children and families. 


*To the full extent of the law.