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We are so grateful to these Women’s Fund members, community supporters, and sponsors who help fund our operations and educational programs.

Their generosity allows us to maximize the grants we make each year in our local community.  If you would like to join our list of supporters, please contact us:


2024 Sponsors

2022 Supporters

Community Supporters

Allen Construction 

Catering Connection

Emily Hart-Roberts - Photographer

ETC - New Vic Theatre

Garden Court, Gardens on Hope

Greg Kroes - Mountain View Films

Ivette Peralta

Jano Printing and Mailworks

LMR Counsulting

Marjorie Luke Theatre

Santa Barbara Historical Museum

Travis Wilson CPA

Type A Creative - Graphic Design

Will Hahn Productions


Member Underwriters

Fran Adams 

Caryl Bowman 

Mary Brown 

Linda Stafford Burrows

Marybeth Carty

Kathy Dunlap

Stina Hans

Kathryn Hollis

Shelley Hurst

Lynn Karlson 

Carole MacElhenny

Claudia Thorsen 


Endowment Contributors

Linda Armstrong

Mary Garton- in honor of the Website Development Team

Stina Hans - In Honor of Lynn Karlson

Barbara Hauter

Lynn Karlson

Connie Kennelly

Irene Stone

Laurie Tumbler - in honor of Lynn Karlson



Christopher Coucill - in honor of Barbara Hauter

Barbara Greenleaf - in honor of Natalie Myerson

Jane M. Haladay - in honor of Dianna Campbell

Margaret Jacob

Robert Miller

Christine Milner

Diane R Rosenthal 

Julie, Myra & Synthia Saltoun - in honor of Michele Saltoun

Richard Silver - in honor of Natalie Myerson

Caroline Thompson - in honor of Shelley Hurst

Unitarian Universalist Women's Alliance of Santa Barbara

Robert Yamin - in memory of Fritzie Yamin