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In its nearly 20-year history, the Women's Fund of Santa Barbara has awarded 142 grants totaling almost $10.5 million.

We are proud to have partnered with these hard-working, local nonprofits. Together we are investing in the people and communities of south Santa Barbara County.


2nd Story Associates

Provide an on-site case management and health support team for low-income seniors.

2019-20 - $ 100,000

AHA! - Attitude. Harmony. Achievement.

Expand the Peace Builders program to prevent bullying at three additional junior high schools.

2016-17 - $ 70,000

All For One Youth and Mentoring

Program director to help high-risk youth make healthy choices and avoid gang involvement.

2008-09 - $ 65,000

Alpha Resource Center of Santa Barbara

Purchase a wheelchair accessible van for clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities to participate in off-campus community activities.

2018-19 - $ 65,000

Angels Foster Care of Santa Barbara

Salary for a licensed social worker to recruit and support 20 additional foster families, doubling the number of infants and toddlers placed in 2007.

2007-08 - $ 85,000

Breast Cancer Resource Center

Computer system to aid in providing peer support and information to cancer patients and their families.

2008-09 - $ 30,000

CADA - Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

Youth Service System (YSS) program restructure to provide three licensed therapists in Santa Barbara secondary schools.

2006-07 - $ 105,000

CADA - Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

Provide mental health support to help prevent possible reoffending and incarceration of Teen Court youth.

2017-18 - $ 75,000


Support for Great Beginnings, a program helping teen-led families.

2006-07 - $ 100,000