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Barbara Hauter Woodward

Barbara Hauter Woodward, her grand daughter, and daughter

During her career, Barbara Hauter Woodward helped build two successful companies and was looking for a ‘third act’ when she joined the Women’s Fund. She says her motivation was partly selfish because she wanted to stay intellectually and socially engaged, while also doing good work for the community.

She has been proud to be a member since 2009 and to watch the Women’s Fund grow into “the independent and beautifully run operation it is today.” 

“A friend told me one day that she was leaving money for the Women’s Fund in her estate plan,” Barbara says. “Until that moment I had never thought about doing so. And then I thought, well, if I hadn’t thought of it before, maybe others haven’t.”

Knowing the tremendous impact the Women’s Fund has in addressing critical needs in our communities, Barbara is now committed to helping build the Women’s Fund Endowment.

She has named the Women’s Fund as a beneficiary of her charitable remainder trust and is leading the effort to talk with others about joining the Women’s Fund Legacy Society. 

You can contact Barbara by emailing