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Kate Edwardson


Before moving to Santa Barbara, Kate Edwardson was a member of a Chicago women’s giving circle where the leadership made the decisions on distributing the pooled funds.

Arriving in Santa Barbara, she hoped to find a similar model where she wouldn’t have to do the research herself but would be assured that the organizations supported were well run.

She was standing on the corner of Garden and Cota waiting for the light to change when a van went by with a sign: “Provided by the Women’s Fund of Santa Barbara." Kate said, “That’s it!  It really WAS a sign!  Just what I hoped to find."  She went home to her computer, checked out the Women’s Fund, and joined immediately. 

Kate admits the Women’s Fund model makes her work harder. “Members deciding where the funds go means choosing among so many good agencies. But, in the end, it makes me take ownership of what it is I do support.” 

Kate has named the Women’s Fund in her estate plan, knowing it will have a tremendous impact in serving future generations.