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Angels Foster Care of Santa Barbara: blue-eyed baby
$ 85,000 grant
Salary for a licensed social worker to recruit and support 20 additional foster families

Funds supported a licensed social worker to recruit, screen, train and support 20 foster families, doubling the number of infants and toddlers placed in 2007. Angels rescues abused, abandoned and neglected children and matches them with a select group of foster parents to ensure maximum emotional, social, intellectual and physical development for each child. Modeled on a successful program in San Diego, Angels began this program in 2006, and is unique in that foster parents must agree to foster one child (or sibling group) at a time and care for the child until the court makes a final placement decision. This is in contrast to the average foster child under age three who lives in three different locations in his/her first year of placement. Angels social workers are available 24/7 to support foster families.