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People's Self-Help Housing: tutor working with young student
$ 50,000 grant
Youth Education Enhancement Program

This grant provided salaries for two part-time bilingual, credentialed instructors for year-round educational programs at two low-income apartment complexes: Dahlia Court in Carpinteria and Ladera Apartments on the lower Westside. The instructors serve 60 grade school children and 83 parents. Peoples' Self-Help Housing started its Youth Education Enhancement Program in 2006 to give young students a safe, supportive place to go to after school and during school vacations. The program offers academic support and enrichment activities to at-risk children whose families' low-income status is a predictor of literacy and academic challenges. Programs for all resident parents help them improve their literacy and become more involved in their children's education. This low-cost, effective program addresses literacy and reading skills critical to keeping children at grade level.