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Storyteller Children's Center: little boy with milk "mustache"
$ 50,000 grant
Food program for low-income preschool children.

Storyteller Children's Center offers quality, tuition-free early childhood education for homeless and at-risk children as well as comprehensive support services for their families. This grant provided partial funding for the Storyteller Food Program. Storyteller serves a healthy breakfast, lunch and snack daily at two childrens centers. The staff uses mealtime to promote language development as well as social and self-help skills. The agency partners with the Santa Barbara Unified School District for the preparation and delivery of the food. The total cost of the food program, including supplies, labor and delivery is about $212,000 annually; USDA provides $73,000 for some of the direct food costs. The Women's Fund grant partially offset food and staff costs with the remainder coming from private donations.