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Transition House
$ 80,000 grant
Bridge Funding for Family Emergency Shelter

The 2019 Point in Time count found families with children make up around 20 percent of the local homeless population.  The only local emergency shelter that accepts families with children is Transition House. There, parents have access to childcare and structured support while developing skills needed to secure housing.  Recently, Transition House lost significant government funding because of a policy shift that now prioritizes “Housing First” programs, moving people into housing as quickly as possible and then addressing underlying conditions that may contribute to their homelessness. Transition’s alternative approach - first helping parents gain skills so they can compete for market housing - has resulted in 70-80% of their families moving into stable housing each year.  This grant will provide bridge funding to help maintain current emergency shelter services for one year while Transition House acquires new funding sources to sustain their proven programs.