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Speech therapist and child
$ 100,000 grant
Family Health Navigation Training for Promotores

This grant will provide training, management, and support for 24 community workers, known as Promotores, to obtain certification and work as Family Health Navigators.  

COVID-19 disproportionately impacted the Latino community and highlighted the need for equitable access to health care services. Promotores are Spanish-speaking volunteer educators who are able to discern and overcome cultural barriers that prevent people from accessing healthcare and other social services.

Each of the Promotores serves about 100 community members who are referred through existing networks such as churches, workplaces, friends, and family. Promotores also serve as liaisons with health and social service organizations.

Family Health Navigation Certification Training, offered in collaboration with the University of Southern California, will teach Promotores how to help families recognize early signs of behavioral and emotional problems; develop health literacy; access appropriate treatment; and cultivate skills to navigate complex medical systems. Children and Family Resource Services (CFRS) provides administrative support and functions as a fiduciary agent for the Promotores. This certification will allow CFRS to bill MediCal for Promotores services, helping to make the program sustainable.