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$ 100,000 grant
Community Mental Health Navigator Pilot Program


This grant will pay for a half-time bilingual community mental health navigator who will connect people experiencing mental health problems with appropriate services. 

Navigating the complexities of the mental healthcare system can be overwhelming for people struggling with mental health challenges. In Santa Barbara where there is a shortage of clinicians, people often need assistance in identifying and accessing appropriate care.

In collaboration with Santa Barbara County’s Department of Behavioral Wellness, the Family Services Agency (FSA) has developed a pilot program for a community mental health navigator service modeled after their successful healthcare navigation program.

The navigator will connect people to support services such as crisis management, substance abuse treatment, and ongoing mental health therapy. Clients will also receive help in overcoming barriers created by insurance, translation, transportation, child care, or work schedule conflicts.

Based on experience with their physical health navigation service, FSA anticipates at least 75% of participants will connect with and make use of mental health treatment as well as administration and client support services.

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