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CADA counselor with two clients
$ 100,000 grant
Vehicles for Substance Use and Disorder Services


This grant will pay for three new Honda SUVs which will transport clients, including pregnant women, to substance use disorder (SUD) programs and related services.   

An estimated 9% of Californians have been diagnosed with an SUD, a treatable mental disorder that impairs a person’s ability to control their use of legal or illegal substances.  

The Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (CADA) provides prevention, intervention, and treatment services for approximately 2,600 clients each year. Some people who would benefit from their programs cannot participate because they lack transportation.   

CADA will replace two aging vans with three SUVs. One vehicle will be specially equipped to transport pregnant women and their children. The vehicles will transport clients to four of CADA’s programs as well as case management appointments related to medical care, employment, housing, education, and court appearances.


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