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City Net staff assembles essential supplies to take to those experiencing homelessness
$ 100,000 grant
Mobile Safe Space for Homeless Women


This grant will pay for a large, specially equipped van to take supplies and services to women who are unsheltered.    

Women account for 37% of the homeless population in south Santa Barbara County. City Net provides services for unsheltered women and men; however, some women are reluctant to make use of shelters and navigation centers, especially if they fear or have experienced human trafficking, stalking, sexual assault, and physical violence.      

The specially equipped van will allow the agency to bring safe, reliable services and supplies to unsheltered women wherever they are. It will include a bathroom with a handheld shower, a computer that will be available to clients, and storage space for essential supplies including food, clothing, personal care items, and child-care products.  

The van also has a private space where women can meet with case managers who will assist in addressing long-term needs for healthcare, employment, government assistance, and housing. 

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CityNet staff members speak with homeless