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Unity Shoppe cooler
$ 75,000 grant
Purchase and Stocking of Refrigeration Units


This grant will pay for one industrial refrigerator, four freezers, five dollies,
six carts, and a six-month supply of eggs and frozen chicken.  

Unity Shoppe distributes food, clothing, and basic necessities to people impacted by temporary poverty, natural disasters, and health crises. At their center on Chapala Street, they serve over 20,440 clients annually. In the first half of 2023, the number of people seeking food doubled, outstripping the capacity of the center’s freezers and refrigerators.   

Unity Shoppe will expand storage for perishable food by replacing failing equipment with five new, energy-efficient appliances. An industrial refrigerator will hold supplies of perishables such as milk and eggs.

Four freezers will be installed to store larger quantities of frozen foods. Dollies and carts will be purchased for convenient transport of food by volunteers and clients.

The grant also pays to stock the refrigerators and freezers with a six-month supply of chicken and eggs, high-protein foods that might otherwise be unavailable to clients.      

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