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The all-volunteer Educational Events Committee plans and executes the Women’s Fund educational events including the Celebration of Grants (COG), Ballot Review Meeting and the Grants in Action (GIA) forums and agency site visits. The team selects locations, secures contracts, plans programs, and works with the Grantee Liaison and Communications teams to promote the work of the grantees. If you would like to contact the Event Committee Chair, click here to send an email.

Alisa Baur
Grantee Liaison
Kelly Bourque
IT Educational Events Liaison
Cynthia Brown
Education Events Liaison
Linda Stafford Burrows
Grants in Action
Roberta Collier
Educational Events Chair
Christine Fredricks
Grants in Action
Cece Harris
Co-Chair Educational Events
Denise Hinkle
Grantee Liaison
Kathy Hollis
Celebration of Grants Co-Chair
Diane Powell
Celebration of Grants Co-Chair