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Dyslexia Intervention Program - Teacher reading with 3 students
$ 50,000 grant
Dyslexia Intervention for Early Elementary Students at McKinley School

Dyslexia is a neurobiological problem that can make learning to read difficult and often goes unrecognized, resulting in numerous students falling behind in school. At a pilot program at Harding Elementary, K-3 students with moderate dyslexia who received intensive, structured, multi-sensory reading instruction from a specially trained Reading Specialist showed impressive gains in reading. This grant will expand the dyslexia intervention pilot to McKinley Elementary school by partially funding a trained Reading Specialist.  Usually this kind of intervention requires costly private tutors. Providing early intervention at the school increases the likelihood that dyslexic children will master reading and succeed academically regardless of their economic circumstances. Santa Barbara Education Foundation is the fiscal agent.